I lost my Orcs Must Die! 2 profile! What should I do?

The orcs at Valve headquarters must have caught on to your plans! Thankfully, we've got a solution.

We've occasionally seen this issue where the Steam Cloud will inappropriately stomp out your profile. In case this happens, we added a profile backup system into the last patch. It may not recover quite all of your progress, but it will get you close if you lose your profile.

To recover your profile:

  1. Shut down Steam so that is not running at all
  2. In the folder My Documents\Shiner\ is a file called profiles.xml.bak, select that can press Ctrl-C to copy it
  3. Go to the directory you installed Steam into and find the folder in there called “userdata
  4. Unless you have had multiple people playing on this machine, there will be only one folder named a particular number (related to your SteamID).
  5. Inside there open folder 201790 (Example: D:\OMDSteam\userdata\14582041\201790)
  6. There, delete the file called remotechache.vdf
  7. Go into the remote directory (Example: D:\OMDSteam\userdata\14582041\201790\remote )
  8. Delete the profies.xml file in there
  9. Paste in that profiles.xml.bak file with Ctrl-V, then rename it to just profiles.xml
  10. Restart Steam
  11. Play the game – you should see this save game available to you.  If Steam asks you if you want the local file or the one from the Steam Cloud, pick the local one.
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