I'm getting a "Failed to Initialize Engine" error when I try to start the game. What should I do?

An early patch (which is now bundled into the initial Steam download of the game) should fix this for most players. If you still experience this problem, there are a few things to discuss on this one, so let's jump in:

  • Is this your first time starting up the game?
    • If this problem happens the first time you start the game, then one possibility is that your video card doesn't meet the minimum system requirements for your graphics card. You can see the min specs here. We'll say it again down below, but it's worth noting now that the game does not support SVGA drivers.

    • Go into your Windows Device Manager and ensure that your integrated video card (if you have one) is disabled. If you feel certain it is, try double-checking. It can't hurt. 

    • If you're absolutely certain that you meet the minimum specifications and you're getting this error, then we recommend that you reinstall your video drivers.

    • Done all of that? Still getting the error? There's a chance that something is wrong with your Dx9 or MSVC installations. Follow the instructions below to manually install these again (don't use the web installers):
      • These files will be installed as part of the game install.  If you need to reinstall only Dx9 then you can go the directory that steam installed the game to and install it directly from the installer directory.  
      • The directory will look something like this - ##WhereEverSteamIsInstalled##\Steamapps\common\orcs must die!\Installer - For most installs this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\orcs must die!\installer.
      • Find dxsetup.exe and run it by double-clicking on the file.  If this files are missing you should reinstall the game. When asked, accept the agreement and let the installer complete.  This should install the version of DirectX that is needed by the game.
      • To install the MSVC runtime look for the vcredist_x86.exe installer and run it by double-clicking on the file. If this files are missing you should reinstall the game.

  • Did the game work with one graphics card but not another? Are you switching/trying different cards?
    • There's a chance that you have a settings file that is keeping odd settings from one of the cards. Try deleting your videosettings.xml file.
      • This file will be in your local current user’s "My Documents" folder, under the "Orcs Must Die" directory.
      • The directory  will look something like this - C:\Documents and Settings\##CurrentUserName##\My Documents\Orcs Must Die\ - The ‘##CurrentUserName##’ portion will be whatever name you are currently logged in as. This will be on the install drive for your operating system. 
      • Find the file named VideoSetting.xml.  Delete this file.
      • Relaunch the game. The file will be automatically recreated when the game launches.

  • Are you using SVGA drivers?
    • The game does not support SVGA drivers. There's an outside chance that you might be running them and not even know it, so please double check just to be certain. 
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