I am having trouble with Coop in OMD2, what should I do?

The game's connection to another player goes through Steam's servers and isn't hosted here in-house. While we have some things to suggest to improve performance, we can't guarantee the reliability of any network connections we don't control.

1. Check and make sure you don't have a virus or malware on your system.

2. Make sure Windows is up-to-date.

3. If you are using wifi for your connection, try a wired connection. The occasional network hiccups from wifi take longer to re-establish than most wired connections.

4. Disable your anti-virus and firewall programs. If you determine they are not at fault, you can go back later and turn them back on.

5. A lot of previous users reported that they were using a voice chat program while using OMD2. Try disabling the outside program and using the in-game voice support. 

6. Disable any peer-to-peer file sharing programs you are running.

6.You can try disabling IPv6. (You can download a program from Microsoft directly to do this at this link.)

7. You can try a VPN, such as Hamachi, to establish a more direct network connection with your coop partner. (Please be advised that setting up a direct network connection with someone else can leave you open to malicious attacks and should not be done lightly.)

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