How do I create Custom "Onslaughts" for Orcs Must Die!?

Creating Custom Onslaughts for Orcs Must Die! 1

We have created a path that allows users to modify Onslaught files for Orcs Must Die! Onslaught files are the files that control the enemies, timing, and various other details of the waves in Orcs Must Die!
NOTE: Robot Entertainment DOES NOT officially offer technical support for modified versions of Orcs Must Die! There is potential to encounter bugs or performance issues based on the custom waves that you create using the method outlined below. We will not be supporting those issues. If you customize the game and encounter problems that you cannot fix, even if you've removed all of the customization files, remove the game from your computer and re-install a clean copy.

Download Default Onslaught Files

Before getting started, you can download a zip file with all of the default Onslaught and Timing files at this link. Use these files as your base templates to create custom waves.
How It Works
  1. Create your custom Onslaughts from the default files and add them to this directory:##WhereEverSteamIsInstalled##\steamapps\common\orc s must die!\data\mod\onslaughts\

  2. The game will only load a modified version of an onslaught or timing file that is referenced by the core game. This means that you are limited to modifying the contents of existing files (download from the link above). You can’t create entirely new onslaughts.

  3. If the folder above containsa file with the same name as an existing default Onslaught, the game will load the custom files to the exclusion of the base game Onslaught. This means that you can edit the contents of the default files, but you shouldn't change their file names.

  4. If there is any modified Onslaught or Timing file located in the folder above, then the game will disable posting leaderboard scores and stats for ALL LEVELS in the game, modified or not.

  5. There is no messaging or notification for errors in the files or to indicate that you are locked out from leaderboards due to modification. Use at your own risk.

  6. To return the game to its default state simple delete the contents of the onslaughts directory, and you will be back to playing the default version of the game.
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