How do I create a user.cfg file for Orcs Must Die! 2?

You can customize some elements of Orcs Must Die! 2 by creating a user.cfg file and adding notes into it. Here are the instructions for how to properly set up a user.cfg file.

1. Navigate to D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\orcs must die 2\data\startup\ and create a text file called user.cfg. Ensure that you aren't creating a file called user.cfg.txt, as this is a common mistake in this step.

2. Edit user.cfg and add options from the list below to change your settings:


  • NoAlienFX
    • Use this option to turn off the AlienFX lighting effects on Alienware Computers. This may also help with game launch issues that some Alienware users are experiencing.

  • –voice
    • Be sure the minus sign is included or this command won’t work. Use this to completely disable in-game voice chat. Disabling the in-game voice chat will allow players to use the Steam voice chat instead, should they choose to.

  • HideCrosshair
    • For players that want to play in 3D, this option will turn off the 2D reticule.

  • SwapOnBind
    • Instead of unbinding a key when you set it in the game menus to a key that’s already in use, the game will swap with the key that was previously mapped.
  • -sound
    • Completely disables game sounds

  • DoNotPostToLeaderboards
    • Prevents your scores from posting to the leaderboards

  • EnableBloodMapToggle
    • This allows you to toggle the blood map (at any time) using “L” key in-game or a custom keybind

  • ForceFPS=##
    • This will force the game to use a desired number of frames per second. Replace ## with the desired number.

  • -DisableDoubleTapRun
    • This will make your character sprint when you double-tap the forward walking button.

3. Save your user.cfg file (again, ensure that you're not saving it as user.cfg.txt) and relaunch Orcs Must Die! 2

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